Top 8 Tools for Monitoring Your Reputation

Reputation adds significant weight in the success path. This is true for both personal and professional life. In the other way people on the counter part can continuously monitor you and your activity. Nowadays people are well connected and all of your activities are logged with or without your consent. Hence it is very easy to look at somebody’s reputation. But there are certain ways by which you can monitor your online reputation and take proper care of it to grow and control any damage. There are some tools available for monitoring your reputation. Let’s look at 8 of them. The unique capability of Brandify will help you to see the score chart over the other competitor charts and even give you the clarity of the latest situation depending on collected data. Their sophisticated program stack can link the different account on different websites and sketch the graph of reputation on the web hosted rich interface.

Google’s Me on the Web This tool is hosted by Google and the strong search engine can find out all the activities you did on the internet. It has capability to find the site or the referred sites where your blogs or comments are located. Even you have options to set alert of the given search terms.

Radian6 This is a salesforce platform which collects data from the internet media and develops different charts for you. You can use those to compete with in the market by analyzing and engaging more audiences. This integrated environment will give you in-depth view of your present reputation and connect with the customers. They come up with three primary solutions like social brand monitoring, community engagement and social analytics. The social brand monitoring is so powerful that it can capture almost every conversations happened over the web to give you the perfect insights of the reputations. They are the best provider to give you the reputation monitoring service in three strategies. First of them is the search engine to find out the negative comments for you or your brand. Most importantly this reputation usually damage for the deviation from the originality. This search engine will help you to find out the negative feedback, comment, or the statements from the internet website, blogs or social networks. This is the entry point of any kind of reputation repairing. They can help you to push the good or positive points on the top search results. Next thing is the protection of personal data on the internet. They provide the service to hide the personal data from the sensitive websites. Also their customized service for your business brand will help you to monitor and improve reputation online. This strong search engine is having capability of monitoring over 100 social networks and find out all activities, posts, comments and places of like and dislikes in a sophisticated reports. Hence by using this one you can easily monitor the reputation and take action to take care damages. Also it is having its rich feature of alerts with the provided search keyword on a daily basis. By using this feature you can automatically get the idea about the happenings when you are offline. This is another reputation monitoring service provider who provides premium service for personnel and companies. Here you can set up your own monitoring plans with the search terms and keyword and they will organize the collected reports on their dashboard with low level views. The search term limitations depend on the package you have subscribed for. Their media monitoring is the best tool which is made by the reputation management experts.

Twelvefold Capture Emotion Their spectrum analytics gives you the best in-depth view of the activities by collecting data from internet. The intelligent representation of your brand position against the competitors will positively help you to control and grow the reputation. You will get the audience interest graph, and mindset breakdown of the audiences to know the latest trends and interests. The graphs of online content and competitor’s content will give you perfect idea on the future action points. This is another best tool for the people who want to monitor reputation of multiple people at the same time. Like the organization HR department usually monitors the activity of different persons at a time to find out their behavior, interest and success rate etc. Here on the tool you can feed the name and see the appearance on the web. Yasni provides free service as well as premium services with more sophisticated features.


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Top 15 Tools for Your Personal Branding

Companies manage their online presence in various ways. From monitoring page rankings, updating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter profiles, creating interesting content, and many other activities companies do to make sure that they present themselves at the best to anyone who search online.

Also individuals should take care of their Personal Branding in competitive digital world we live in. Your Personal Branding needs to be built and managed on everyday basis. And it is not an easy job taking both, time and energy. But luckily a few Personal Branding Tools are available on the market that helps individuals to make their Personal Branding. The Personal Branding Tools make the branding process easier. Let’s discover some of them.

1. This site let you create a central web page and you can direct people to your online profiles and other content. It takes only few seconds to set up and the set up process is very simple.

2. is the boss of link shorteners. With this analytic tool, you can track the total clicks that your shortened URL receives. This knowledge turns your personal branding efforts into a more assessable activity. You will be able to see who likes your suggested content instantly to click through to the page.

3. Brand Yourself- Brand Yourself works as a free SEO for your personal branding. You can submit web pages such as your blog, social media profiles etc. that you want to rank at the top of Google search results for your branding. Then this personal branding tool will work as a magic to make it happen.

4. Facebook- You might be thinking why Facebook but the two most important facts of Facebook are that it has more than 300 million active users and 40% of the users are older more than 35 years. Many companies and business professionals go there to make them recognized to a huge audience. If you want to build your own brand, then go where people are there, and Facebook is that place.

5. Google Plus- As Google Plus is linked to Gmail, Google Drive, Google search, and other applications, so the chances of gaining visibility are high in Google Plus profile compare to other sites.  If you are a writer or blogger, Google Authorship is important to get click-through on search results.

6. HootSuite- HootSuite is type of Tweetdeck, but it allows you to manage multiple social networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter too. As like Tweetdeck, it also allows you to monitor your brand, schedule posts, start conversations, and analyze data.

7. LinkedIn- LinkedIn is one of the best personal branding tools that help you a lot. It works as an online CV. Here you can document your employment history and education qualification and share with the world. If two pages document is not enough, then you can also upload presentations and videos to show what you have done.

8. Passle- Creating a blog is a great idea to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, your thoughts, opinions etc. But blogging is not for everyone as it can be a tough work to find new ideas to write full length posts. This is why Passle is very useful. You can create a blog or only a summary page of your opinions, interests and the contents that you have created. You can also capture images, videos or presentations using the Passle button and present your full customize page.

9. If you sign up in many social networking sites for personal branding then it might be difficult job to update all the sites at a time. But with you can update multiple social networks simultaneously. If you want you can pick and choose group as well.

10. Reputea- This cool brand new service will be launched this summer. You will have a chance to build up your personal or company reputation or check out the credibility of the person or company you are going to do business with.

11. RSS Feed- The full form of RSS is ‘Really Simple Syndication’. Simply put, it is a great way to subscribe to a website’s feed. If you have some favorite blogs that fuel your personal branding or continuously deliver relevant and excellent content, then subscribe to the feed and do not miss any post.

12. Somewhere- Somewhere is a new personal branding tool that was launched in 2014. Its interface is presented very well. This tool gives you the chance to share more about yourself other than just sharing your CV. Here you can share your likings, inspiration, your management styles and more.

13. Tweetdeck- We all know that Twitter is a great platform for personal branding, but in real, it is the third party apps that turn it into special. Rather Tweetdeck is better. It is a desktop application that let you sort by favorites, view mentions and direct messages in their own column. This desktop application shortens links automatically and you can follow or unfollow users from within this application.

14. Twitter- Twitter is one of the best personal branding tools because you will get three things in one package, a sharing tool, a research tool and a networking tool. First start with listening in Twitter, and then immerse yourself.

15. Vizify- Vizify is a useful personal branding tool that has a slick feel. As like it also takes few seconds to set up. It pulls in all the information from your online profiles that you choose to connect with it such as your work history, education, places you have lived at,

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Easy Way how to Measure Personal Reputation

Recently I have heard a young woman talking to her son: “Look at this good man trying to help other people!”. The big thought appeared in my head like a shot. Who is good person and who is bad person? How to measure goodness? I made short research and have found some personal branding sites working like: give me your data, I will find you on the web and I show you how good you are and if you are bad I will help you to be good again.

But are we really motivated with the sites like these to behave better? Or is that just only mirror of your brand on the internet and social media. I realized at once that a reputation measurement must be very simple, it must be like one single number, nothing more complex. And that evaluation must be received from your peers, colleagues, business partners and the feedback should be accepted as a motivation.

Single number given to hotels by guests changed the hotel business a couple of years ago. Will you book the hotel with reputation 3.2 from 10 and will you expect undisturbed relaxation there?

And do you really hire, date, meet or make business with people with low reputation?

To be perceived as a good man or woman is a big motivation for people to behave better which is everyone´s contribution for better world.

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Difference between Marketing and Reputation

Reputation and marketing seem to be similar areas of contemporary company life and professional life of each of us. On closer reflection we discover a big difference. While marketing can focus not only on developing positive emotions, but also negative ones, reputation works only with positive feelings. Let’s take a closer look at the differences.

Understand the Definitions

To understand the difference between marketing and reputation first of all we have to understand their definitions with clarity. The confusion between these two is very common and seen frequently in several instances. Reputation is the fact that other people think about you or your business. And marketing is the way what makes other people to get interest on you or your business. In other words, marketing is the art of convincing other people to buy you, hire you, refer you and recommend you. The same way reputation plays an important role in your marketing strategy and biases people to think towards your service.

Strategies in Digital Age

Nowadays on this digital arena it’s very easy to find out anybody from any corner of the world over the internet. It helps to build the reputation of a person or a business. The same way it is very easy to build and implement the marketing strategy to grow interest of others on your business over the internet. The most important point is that a marketing strategy can include the positive and negative ways and it can be achieved via paid or free media. But reputation must be built depending on the positive factors only.

Emotional Marketing and Reputation

Here we will discuss with a case study which can help us to depict the difference between marketing and reputation. The marketing people frequently use emotional marketing techniques to promote their products. This is one of the negative marketing ways. But it generates significant leads towards their businesses. Sometime it has also seen that the quality leads are coming from the negative marking and it results in valuable business growth. As an example the insurance companies often use this technique to get the attention of the general people. But there could be a long term effect of this on the business reputation if they do not keep their promise.

Comparative Marketing and Reputation

Another way of negative marketing is by representing the competitor service as worse quality. This is also known as comparative marketing. This marketing strategy is very effective because once customers get to know the negative points of your competitor they will come towards your service or product. As a result your competitor will lose their customer and you might get certain percentage of the customers at your business. These kinds of marketing strategies are often seen in various food production companies. But anyways it does not improve your reputation in the industry if you cannot highlight the good points of your service. Because the fact that will play in people’s mind is competitor’s negative point, not your service’s positive points. And also it is very risky from legal perspective if you are not doing it after certain amount of market research.

Marketing With Exclusivity and Reputation

E-mail marketing is one of latest way in this internet arena. There are thousands of service providers available on the market and they can do the e-mail marketing for you. They send millions of emails from different servers to worldwide people to let them know about your business. Here also we get to see some viral marketing styles like “last product” or “exclusive offer” or “Only one left” etc. Seeing this kind of email certain amount of people will not like to miss the offer and they will purchase the product without even thinking the utility of it. Market research says 3% is a normal lead rate from e-mail marketing. The number becomes huge if millions of people get your service email. But this can hamper your reputation on the longer run as they might never come back if they found the last service or product useless. In this way you might lose valuable customers for your future services.

Follow the Ethics to Manage Reputation

It is always better to develop the marketing strategy in an ethical way. The same will grow your reputation automatically. Otherwise you have to be very careful and have to give much attention to manage your reputation. Reputation management is tough in today’s world because all your activities are monitored and tracked. And there are thousands of ways to reveal the same on the market. Also there are several companies who work for personal and commercial reputation repairing and they provide consultation to grow your reputation as well.


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