Top 10 Social Media Events in Europe

Social Media Events are the easiest way to meet the real people who can make your vision concrete and take your ideas into practical implementation. It will help to grow up with your personal network and help to create own brand over the market. Here are top ten Social Media Events which are going to happen in Europe till the end of 2014.

If there is missing your favorite Social Media Event, do not hesitate to mention it in your comment. Thank you!

1. DMexco 2014 – Cologne, Sep 10 – Sep 11

This is the well known global conference which is going to happen in Germany. This is known for the best digital marketing exposition where you can find experts from multiple domains who will give the speech on the latest trends on digital marketing. They will provide the insights of collected data on the market trends and provide the outlook of future market. You will find out the information on the latest development ad policies and the ways of growth of your company. Register at

2. Mind the Product 2014 – London, Sep 11 – Sep 12

This is the best place to see the product designs and cost effectiveness to market the product. The different industry leaders around the globe take part in this summit and discuss about the intersections of their products. This can help you to find out the best approach of the product ideas. You can meet world class speakers in this event to mobilize your ideas to money. Register at

3. EDAA Webinar – Online, Sep 23

This is a series of webinars which can be attended on the internet and organized by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA). This will cover the self regulatory tips and understanding of the industries. You can register on the web site to get more details and the information at the time of hosting. Register at

4. Future of Web Apps – API and Toolkits – London, Sep 29 – Oct 1

This conference happens in London and is really helpful for the people who want to build their brands on the rich web. The experts will guide you in the three days workshop to understand the ways to get the best benefits through the web. There will be multiple technical topics covered which can take your vision to the next level. Register at

5. Apps World 2014 – London, Nov 12 – Nov 13

You must attend this event to know the latest apps which create huge impact in our day to day life. Also there will be big opportunity to know the ways of marketing the apps. They will cover the apps from different domain like communication, entertainment, retail etc. Register at

6. Digital Marketing Summit and Digital Marketing Award – Switzerland, Nov 13

This is the most important event in Switzerland. The people come from different areas of industries and they decide the best person or organization in the digital marketing industries. The awards usually come for Best Digital Marketer for the year, Pioneer of the Year and the Digital lifetime award. Register at

7. Social Media with Defense and Military Sector – London, Nov 17 – Nov 18

The social interaction with different defiance organizations like British Force Broadcasting System, NATO HQ, and European Defense Agency etc. will help you to understand the media interaction of Military sector. Register at

8. INCITE – London, Nov 18 – Nov 19

This is a great conference to meet the experienced marketers face to face and take part at round table to discuss the real life problem and challenges. The marketing officers can help you to understand the research analysis to decide the future strategy of your business growth. Register at

9. Real-Time Advertising SummitLondon, Nov 19 – Nov 20

This two day summit will be very useful for the digital marketers as the agenda is related to the challenges and opportunities on digital marketing. The industry leaders will come to this summit and deliver speech on the real time analysis of the latest market. It will be a great place to meet the people face to face to grow up your personal network for the future success. Few of the key topics those they will be covering here like real time bidding process, how to get more visibility of your personal brand from the media budget spend, cross channel advertising strategy etc. Register at

10. Smart Travel Analytics and RM Europe 2014 – Amsterdam, Nov 24 – Nov 25

The organizers will present the great platform of Big Data Analytics to understand the Travel business trends and future strategy to get great ROI. Register at


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