Top 10 Social Media Events in the US

If we can make it possible to use the social media in a positive way, we will see that it is playing a great role to build and manage our reputation and also grow our career with fast and huge network. Because these are the places where people usually love to spend time and grow their network. Nowadays, most of the social networks and groups arrange social media events to create a meeting place for the virtual friends. And we have seen that it becomes really fruitful meeting when you will talk to the others face to face. Let us mention ten most interesting Social Media Events in the US till the end of 2014.

If there is missing your favorite Social Media Event, do not hesitate to mention it in your comment. Thank you!

1. Crowdopolis – San Francisco, Jul 23–Jul 24

Many big names from different industries use this platform to create their social network and sales plans. Here you will find Billie Goldman from Intel and his opinions regarding the success paths. Register at

2. EduWeb Conference and Master Class – Baltimore, Aug 4–Aug 7

This media event will enhance the chances to take you nearer to the higher education degree and communication styles. You will get many presentations and keynotes from different serious social networkers. Register at

3. Face book Fit – Menlo Park, Aug 5

This was happened on 10 July and also has certain other plans on mid of July and August in different states. The event agenda has been designed in such a way that a SMB can get tactics and tips for their business success from this event. There you can meet many business leaders and share your thoughts which might open another door for your success. Register at

4. The Marketing Technology Conference – Boston, Aug 19-Aug 20

This conference is a great event to those who want to learn the process of making the market using high end technologies and measure success point from the same. This might help you to find the strongest way to work and plan for the near future. Register at

5. Social Media and Mobile Marketing  – Chicago, Aug 24–Aug 26

It’s a conference and workshop to note various things to make a faster and all of them are research oriented. Also the subject matter they will cover will be really helpful and practical in the real market. Register at

6. The Corporate Social Media Summit – San Francisco, Sep 15-Sep 16

This is a two days event where you can meet many pioneers and also the most successful persons in the world. The strong network will positively help you to work and grow in the future path. Register at

7. The Social Shake-up – Atlanta, Sep 16–Sep 17

This would be the best place to meet the best thinker from the social media entrepreneurs. You can meet the people from Adobe, Porsche and Coca cola etc. This will be great event to grow your network with different domains people. Register at

8. Search Marketing Expo – NYC, Sep 30–Oct 2

This is a great event where you can meet the people from different marketing areas like social, advertising, local etc. and of course there will be a great option to enrich your network with many designated people. This will help you to understand the underlying tactics to monetize a service using the social media. Register at

9. Social Media Success Summit – Online, Oct 7–Oct 30

This is a summit where you can meet the 50+ most successful social networkers and listen to their opinions and success stories on these platforms. Surely you will find options to raise and ask your questions if you have any. This is an online event so you do not need to travel to a place. You only have to register for the same at website. In the last couple of years this summit was so successful that around 96% of the attendees recommended this event to their friends. Register at

10. Health Care Social Media Summit – Rochester, Oct 21–Oct 23

This is organized by Ragan Communication and PR Daily where you can meet and talk to the experts from different countries. This is a must attend event where the concepts can be revolutionized by using the strength of social media. Register at


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